Akualojistik continues to serve more efficiently together with restructuring and investments in its washing unit.

 Fishing nets of fish farms expose to contamination especially because of sea mussels and algae in the sea during time. As a result of this contamination, it becomes impossible to make healthy production and this contamination causes serious fish loss because of the reason that clean water and adequate oxygen cannot be provided into the cage.

It is a must to perform Fishing Net Washing at periodic intervals because of the above-mentioned reasons.

The fishing nets coming to our company for the washing are numbered and labeled as a priority to make their data entries in the automation system. Then, they are continued to be processed with this automation number within our facility.

Fishing nets are washed in the washing machine with fresh water after they are cleaned  of dry wastes. Fishing nets are becoming more long-lasting if they are washed with fresh water.

Washed fishing nets are directed to maintenance department together with the automation tracking number upon request of customers.

We protect nature and environment within the framework of ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management works via our waste water treatment plant.

 Water coming out of washing machines are directed to chemical treatment plant after being separated of solids through filters. Water that increased and decreased below discharge values in the facility is directed to the machine where to be used after oxygenation for re-use.

All processes in the Washing and Treatment Unit are carried out in accordance with the  work principles of  ISO 14001:2004.

Our company gained the titles of being the first company having the Temporary Operating Certificate of Turkey and the first applicant of Environment Permission.